Eleven Interiors was created with a commitment to providing inspiring home staging with integrity and great customer service. The owner saw an opening in the L.A. staging industry that was perfect or her style and experience to fill: a refreshing balance of modern, curated vintage and of the moment refinement. We staged our first house on 6/11/14. Realtors got positive feedback. Sellers got above asking price. Buyers asked us for design help. Eleven Interiors was soon in demand.


1. We believe in win-win’s and want clients and realtors to walk away feeling like the job we did was an 11 on a scale of 1-10. 

2. In numerology, 11 represents balance, collaboration, re-establishment and being visionary. 11 doubles the attributes of the number 1, which is about new beginnings.

3. Ever see the scene from the movie "This is Spinal Tap" where the band altered the dials on their equipment and explained to Rob Reiner that “These go to 11”? We admire their enthusiasm so... we too go to 11. 


Linda Graveline grew up just south of Chicago. Her mother had an interior decorating degree and her father was a distributor for Steelcase. In the 90’s in NYC, she managed Public Relations for top European fashion designers: GaultierMoschino, Alberta Ferretti and Ozbek. In 1997, she switched gears and did Production Design / Props for Griffin DunneGiovanni Morricone and others. In 2001, she moved to L.A. and worked for USC while producing large scale art installations on the side. In 2007 she began learning Reiki and became one of the top Reiki Masters in the city while working a side job for the home flipping, trend-setting bettershelter. Linda also worked with a team from Gensler to coordinate environments and art installations for an innovative green business conference. In December 2013 she woke up and was clear that it was time for the next chapter, began acquiring inventory that same day….and here we are.