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Wood Texture



Drawing on decades of interior decorating research, each property we stage is custom designed to highlight the home's specific features, incorporate a modern, relatable style and wow potential buyers. We keep getting told we "nailed it" and help clients sell fast... more often than not, it's well above the asking price. Click here to learn more about how Linda got started.





If you're ready to change things up, we can help you source furniture, lighting, accessories, bedding, outdoor furniture and beyond. Tap into Linda's talent for finding the perfect pieces to elevate your home, office or vacation rental. We specialize in creating spaces that rejuvenate and inspire.




Whether you're downsizing, moving, helping get your listing ready or just need some help minimizing and making donations, we have you covered. From small half-day pantry reorganizations to full home transformations, we efficiently create order out of chaos and know how to support clients throughout the process.

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